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"Book Week" is being held in all schools

A great attention is being paid in our country to the comprehensive development of the younger generation and to the development of intellectual potential. In particular, the Ministry of Public Education is carrying out large-scale work on the systematic promotion of national and world literature among the students in order to form high human emotions such as patriotism, goodness and humanism.

In particular, in order to increase literary culture and increase readership among secondary school students, in February-May of this year, it was planned to hold the "Book Week" with participation of the information resource center, class leaders, teachers of native language and literature, librarians and youth. timetable plan developed.
According to the plan, it is planned that the "Book Week" will be held at the language and literature classes, during the educational hours, and at the high level of pupils' leisure time.
Within the framework of the "Book week", the best works of Uzbek and international literatures will be read out. The poems, stories and stories, as well as interesting fairy tales, are also included in the works that make students more creative. These fiction books are selected according to the age of the boys.
The works are read every week according to the schedule, according to the class of sections in the direction of the specified literature. All efforts are aimed at raising pedagogical activity and organizing the weekly work.
It should be noted that "Book Week" started on February 4, 2012, and will continue until May 25

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