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Russian Language and Literature Month of Subject

Including at the 69th secondary school in Samarkand city
Russian and Literature teachers from all secondary schools in the city participated
in the theater event by 69 pupils performed Russian heroes performances, songs and dances at the highest level
besides an excursion to the library named after A.S. Pushkin in Samarkand city participating by pupils , arranged travel to the Chekhov Russian Theater

There was a Russian Language Contest among Russian Language and Literature Teachers
Similar events are held in following Samarkand city schools 1-,8-,13-,15-,21-,28-,29-,31-,34-,37-,46-,48-,49-,50-,73
On November 20, 2018 in the 10th school of the Samarkand district with the participation of the Russian language teachers from the city of Kursk, Russian language was held open master lessons.
pupils of high grade of secondary school traveled to Samarkand State University Russian Language and Literature Faculty
on November 20, 2018 The humored event was held by Urgut State Department Public Education Urgut district , methodist X.Suyarov also, with administaration of specialized state public education school 136 , dedicated to Russian and Literature subject month
The event was attended by honored teachers of the school, who were awarded the State Prize for many years.
Similar events were held in the districts of our region in a cohesive way
In particular, with the participation of experienced teachers dedicated to the Month of Subject of Russian and Literature in secondary school number 12 of Kushrabot district "The Examplary Open Lesson" week was held
During the week the experienced Russian language teachers of more than 80 secondary schools of Kushrabot district organized exemplary open lessons for young teachers working in the district, distributed to all teachers in the electronic version of the new methodical recommendations
Teachers exchanged ideas and experiences
At the event held at 11 secondary schools in Jomboy district, the characters of the heroes of the Russian folk tales were demonstrated through the scenes.
Including " Zolotoy ribka " " Zolotoy grebeshok " " Buratino " , " Skazka o rybaki i rybki" The fairy tale heroes communicate in Russian with the pupils , and made the event even more interesting and memorable
Teachers and pupils took an active part in poetry evenings and literary events during the Russian Language Monthly Months at secondary schools of Payariq District

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